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What do I have to wear?
A pair of shorts and a T-shirt will be fine. Once you sign up team kit have to be purchased. Any other equipment or uniform can be purchased when you need it. 


Do I have to bring anything?
Feel free to bring your own boxing gloves or Muay Thai shin guards. If you dont have any dont worry, we have a big selection of gloves and shin guards for you to wear. However wearing gloves that others have worn over and over can be foul.


I haven't done Muay Thai before. Can I still take part?
Absolutely!! We cater for all levels, whether you have a martial arts background or not. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, all are welcome. 


What can I expect in each session?
Every session will vary slightly but we will always have a main focus on Muay Thai technique, conditioning, circuits to improve fitness and overall wellbeing, padwork, boxing combinations. The list is endless but the main thing amongst this is about learning and having a great time whilst doing so. 


Are the classes full contact?
Yes our classes are full contact. Muay Thai is a full contact sport and we like to implement that from an early stage. However this doesn't mean that your child will be beaten to a pulp. Students wear full protection however this doesn't stop bruising or bumps from happening. Muay Thai is not for the faint hearted. 

What age do you start classes from?

We run classes from the age of 3 years up to 12 years.  

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